Detection of Abnormal Vessel Behaviours from AIS data using GeoTrackNet: from the Laboratory to the Ocean

by   Duong Nguyen, et al.

The constant growth of maritime traffic leads to the need of automatic anomaly detection, which has been attracting great research attention. Information provided by AIS (Automatic Identification System) data, together with recent outstanding progresses of deep learning, make vessel monitoring using neural networks (NNs) a very promising approach. This paper analyses a novel neural network we have recently introduced – GeoTrackNet – regarding operational contexts. Especially, we aim to evaluate (i) the relevance of the abnormal behaviours detected by GeoTrackNet with respect to expert interpretations, (ii) the extent to which GeoTrackNet may process AIS data streams in real time. We report experiments showing the high potential to meet operational levels of the model.



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