Detecting Opportunities for Differential Maintenance of Extracted Views

07/04/2020 ∙ by Besat Kassaie, et al. ∙ 0

Semi-structured and unstructured data management is challenging, but many of the problems encountered are analogous to problems already addressed in the relational context. In the area of information extraction, for example, the shift from engineering ad hoc, application-specific extraction rules towards using expressive languages such as CPSL and AQL creates opportunities to propose solutions that can be applied to a wide range of extraction programs. In this work, we focus on extracted view maintenance, a problem that is well-motivated and thoroughly addressed in the relational setting. In particular, we formalize and address the problem of keeping extracted relations consistent with source documents that can be arbitrarily updated. We formally characterize three classes of document updates, namely those that are irrelevant, autonomously computable, and pseudo-irrelevant with respect to a given extractor. Finally, we propose algorithms to detect pseudo-irrelevant document updates with respect to extractors that are expressed as document spanners, a model of information extraction inspired by SystemT.



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