Detecting Ideal Instagram Influencer Using Social Network Analysis

by   M. M. H Dihyat, et al.

Social Media is a key aspect of modern society where people share their thoughts, views, feelings and sentiments. Over the last few years, the inflation in popularity of social media has resulted in a monumental increase in data. Users use this medium to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on a wide variety of subjects, including politics and celebrities. Social Media has thus evolved into a lucrative platform for companies to expand their scope and improve their prospects. The paper focuses on social network analysis (SNA) for a real-world online marketing strategy. The study contributes by comparing various centrality measures to identify the most central nodes in the network and uses a linear threshold model to understand the spreading behaviour of individual users. In conclusion, the paper correlates different centrality measures and spreading behaviour to identify the most influential user in the network



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