Detecting FDI Attack on Dense IoT Network with Distributed Filtering Collaboration and Consensus

by   Carlos Pedroso, et al.

The rise of IoT has made possible the development of personalized services, like industrial services that often deal with massive amounts of data. However, as IoT grows, its threats are even greater. The false data injection (FDI) attack stands out as being one of the most harmful to data networks like IoT. The majority of current systems to handle this attack do not take into account the data validation, especially on the data clustering service. This work introduces CONFINIT, an intrusion detection system against FDI attacks on the data dissemination service into dense IoT. It combines watchdog surveillance and collaborative consensus among IoT devices for getting the swift detection of attackers. CONFINIT was evaluated in the NS-3 simulator into a dense industrial IoT and it has gotten detection rates of 99 false negative and 3.6 without FDI attackers.



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