Detecting Changes Between Optical Images of Different Spatial and Spectral Resolutions: a Fusion-Based Approach

by   Vinicius Ferraris, et al.

Change detection is one of the most challenging issues when analyzing remotely sensed images. Comparing several multi-date images acquired through the same kind of sensor is the most common scenario. Conversely, designing robust, flexible and scalable algorithms for change detection becomes even more challenging when the images have been acquired by two different kinds of sensors. This situation arises in case of emergency under critical constraints. This paper presents, to the best of authors' knowledge, the first strategy to deal with optical images characterized by dissimilar spatial and spectral resolutions. Typical considered scenarios include change detection between panchromatic or multispectral and hyperspectral images. The proposed strategy consists of a 3-step procedure: i) inferring a high spatial and spectral resolution image by fusion of the two observed images characterized one by a low spatial resolution and the other by a low spectral resolution, ii) predicting two images with respectively the same spatial and spectral resolutions as the observed images by degradation of the fused one and iii) implementing a decision rule to each pair of observed and predicted images characterized by the same spatial and spectral resolutions to identify changes. The performance of the proposed framework is evaluated on real images with simulated realistic changes.


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