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Detachedly Learn a Classifier for Class-Incremental Learning

by   Ziheng Li, et al.
Peking University

In continual learning, model needs to continually learn a feature extractor and classifier on a sequence of tasks. This paper focuses on how to learn a classifier based on a pretrained feature extractor under continual learning setting. We present an probabilistic analysis that the failure of vanilla experience replay (ER) comes from unnecessary re-learning of previous tasks and incompetence to distinguish current task from the previous ones, which is the cause of knowledge degradation and prediction bias. To overcome these weaknesses, we propose a novel replay strategy task-aware experience replay. It rebalances the replay loss and detaches classifier weight for the old tasks from the update process, by which the previous knowledge is kept intact and the overfitting on episodic memory is alleviated. Experimental results show our method outperforms current state-of-the-art methods.


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