Designing Mobile Interaction Guidelines to Account for Situationally Induced Impairments and Disabilities (SIID) and Severely Constraining Situational Impairments (SCSI)

by   Sidas Saulynas, et al.

This research investigates the variety and complexity of situational impairment events (SIE) that are being experienced by users of smartphone technology of all abilities. The authors have created a classification system to help describe the different types of SIE as well as differentiate a certain subgroup of events that were identified as severely constraining. Continuing research examined workarounds that users deploy when attempting to complete a mobile I/O transaction in the presence of an SIE, as well as social/cultural barriers to attempting mobile interaction that users recognize but do not always follow. The ultimate goal of this research arc would be the creation of guidelines to assist mobile designers and researchers in the accounting of SIE and perhaps different design considerations for those events deemed severely constraining.



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