Designing and Implementing e-School Systems: An Information Systems Approach to School Management of a Community College in Northern Mindanao, Philippines

by   Benzar Glen S. Grepon, et al.

Colleges and Universities have been established to provide educational services to the people. Like any other organization, the school has processes and procedures similar to business or industry that involve admissions, processing of data, and generation of reports. Those processes are made possible through a centralized system in storing, processing, and retrieval of data and information. The absence of a computer system and the complexity of the transactions of the college which makes the personnel be loaded with paper works in storing and keeping student records and information is the motivating factor why the School Management Information System has been designed and developed for a community college in the northern part of Mindanao. This paper discusses the Major Functionalities and Modules of the system through its implementation methodology which is the Agile Model and its impact on the delivery of services and procedures in the overall operation of the college. The project has been evaluated based on ISO 25010, a quality model used for product/software quality evaluation systems. Based on the results of the evaluation, SMIS has been Functional, Usable, and Reliable with an average for every criterion above 4.04 indicating very good performance based on a Likert scale descriptive interpretation. Based on the preceding findings of the study, the respondents agreed that the developed e-school system was functional and lifted the transaction process of the school. The overall quality and performance of the system was very good in terms of functionality, usability, and reliability. It is recommended that future development such as the smartphone and tablet-based attendance monitoring should be integrated, a kiosk for grades and schedule viewing should also be placed inside the campus that is connected to the database server.



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