Designing a Socio-Technical Business Process for Analyzing Information Quality Requirements: Experience Report

by   Mohamad Gharib, et al.

Although many BPs involve critical activities that demand high-quality information for their successful enactment, most available BP approaches focus mainly on control-flow, and either ignore the Information Quality (IQ) perspective or consider it as a mere technical issue, instead of a social and organizational one. This leaves a BP subject to different types of social and organizational IQ vulnerabilities that may negatively impact, or even abort the BP enactment. To tackle this problem, a Socio-Technical BP (STBP), namely a Workflow-net with Actors (WFA-net) has been developed. WFA-net allows for capturing IQ requirements in their social and organizational context. This paper reports on the experience gained, findings and lessons learned while developing the WFA-net.


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