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Designing a Framework for Smart IoT Adaptations

by   Asmaa Achtaich, et al.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the science of connecting multiple devices that coordinate to provide the service in question. IoT environments are complex, dynamic, rapidly changing and resource constrained. Therefore, proactively adapting devices to align with context fluctuations becomes a concern. To propose suitable configurations, it should be possible to sense information from devices, analyze the data and reconfigure them accordingly. Applied in the service of the environment, a fleet of devices can monitor environment indicators and control it in order to propose best fit solutions or prevent risks like over consumption of resources (e.g., water and energy). This paper describes our methodology in designing a framework for the monitoring and multi-instantiation of fleets of connected objects. First by identifying the particularities of the fleet, then by specifying connected object as a Dynamic Software Product Line (DSPL), capable of readjusting while running.


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