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Design Patterns for Blockchain-Based Payment Applications

by   Qinghua Lu, et al.

As the killer application of blockchain technology, blockchain-based payments have attracted extensive attention ranging from hobbyists to corporates to regulatory bodies. Blockchain facilitates fast, secure, and cross-border payments without the need for intermediaries such as banks. Because the blockchain technology is still emerging, systematically organised knowledge providing a holistic and comprehensive view on designing payment applications that use blockchain is yet to be established. If such knowledge could be established in the form of a set of blockchain-specific design patterns, architects could use those patterns in designing a payment application that leverages blockchain. Therefore, in this paper, we first identify a token's lifecycle and then present 15 design patterns that cover critical aspects in enabling the state transitions of a token in blockchain-based payment applications. The lifecycle and the annotated design patterns provide a payment-focused systematic view of system interactions and a guide to effective use of the design patterns.


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