Design of VR Engine Assembly Teaching System

by   Zhang Jiayu, et al.

Virtual reality(VR) is a hot research topic, and it has been effectively applied in military, education and other fields. The application prospect of virtual reality in education is very broad. It can effectively reduce labor cost, resource consumption, stimulate students' interest in learning, and improve students' knowledge level. New energy vehicles have also been widely promoted in recent years, and the production of new energy vehicles has played a key role in it. However, the teaching of car engine disassembly and assembly still retains a more traditional way. That's why applying VR technology has high significance. This project uses the Unity 3D engine to develop a VR-based engine teaching software, which aims to allow users to use VR headsets, handles and other accessories to simulate the disassembly and assembly of car engines in a virtual environment. We design a modular system framework and divided the software into two layers, the system layer and the function layer. The system layer includes a message system and a data configuration system. The functional layer includes the user interface system, disassembly and assembly function, and data module. In addition to fulfilling functional requirements , we used the Unity UPR tool to check out performance issues, and optimized product performance by turning off vertical sync and turning on static switches for some scene objects.


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