Design of Task-Specific Optical Systems Using Broadband Diffractive Neural Networks

by   Yi Luo, et al.

We report a broadband diffractive optical neural network design that simultaneously processes a continuum of wavelengths generated by a temporally-incoherent broadband source to all-optically perform a specific task learned using deep learning. We experimentally validated the success of this broadband diffractive neural network architecture by designing, fabricating and testing seven different multi-layer, diffractive optical systems that transform the optical wavefront generated by a broadband THz pulse to realize (1) a series of tunable, single passband as well as dual passband spectral filters, and (2) spatially-controlled wavelength de-multiplexing. Merging the native or engineered dispersion of various material systems with a deep learning-based design strategy, broadband diffractive neural networks help us engineer light-matter interaction in 3D, diverging from intuitive and analytical design methods to create task-specific optical components that can all-optically perform deterministic tasks or statistical inference for optical machine learning.



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