Design of moveable and resizable graphics

by   Sergey Andreyev, et al.

We are communicating with computers on two different levels. On upper level we have a very flexible system of windows: we can move them, resize, overlap or put side by side. At any moment we decide what would be the best view and reorganize the whole view easily. Then we start any application, go to the inner level, and everything changes. Here we are stripped of all the flexibility and can work only inside the scenario, developed by the designer of the program. Interface will allow us to change some tiny details, but in general everything is fixed: graphics is neither moveable, nor resizable, and the same with controls. Author designed an extremely powerful mechanism of turning graphical objects and controls into moveable and resizable. This can not only significantly improve the existing applications, but this will bring the applications to another level. (To estimate the possible difference, try to imagine the Windows system without its flexibility and compare it with the current one.) This article explains in details the construction and use of moveable and resizable graphical objects.



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