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Design of hazard based model and collision avoidance system

by   Md Faysal Kabir, et al.

The primary goal of this paper is to examine the motorcyclists' activities during the overtaking period, as well as to develop a model of total overtaking time. For the experimental study, instrumented motorcycles were used to collect data and design an overall overtaking period model. The possibility of death during an attempt to overtake is maximum for people walking on rural roads, mainly identified by a scarcity of pathways and higher speeds of vehicles. It is important to recognize and prototype driver actions during the overtaking moves to set up collision avoidance strategies in order to prevent these collisions, such that device adjustments are acceptable as they occur beyond the comfort zone of the drivers. The purpose of this research is to address both vehicle overtaking movements along urban roads and to develop a collision avoidance system. This research, based on tests performed and instrumented driving information, may lead to the discovery of advanced driver assistance systems, analyzing driver behavior during overtaking. A total of 500 overtaking movements were registered with 50 motorcycles set up with a high-resolution camera and GPS system implemented by 50 professional bikers in India in an undivided one-way road. A technique was developed to collect data explaining the actions of the motorcyclists, based on video and GPS analyses. The overall overtaking period was designed using a risk-based model, which indicates the span of the overtaking based on several coefficients. The proposed model is useful to analyze the behavior during overtaking moves, as well as to develop road and vehicle safety systems to reduce the chances of accidents.


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