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Design Of Fuzzy Logic Traffic Controller For Isolated Intersections With Emergency Vehicle Priority System Using MATLAB Simulation

by   Mohit Jha, et al.

Traffic is the chief puzzle problem which every country faces because of the enhancement in number of vehicles throughout the world, especially in large urban towns. Hence the need arises for simulating and optimizing traffic control algorithms to better accommodate this increasing demand. Fuzzy optimization deals with finding the values of input parameters of a complex simulated system which result in desired output. This paper presents a MATLAB simulation of fuzzy logic traffic controller for controlling flow of traffic in isolated intersections. This controller is based on the waiting time and queue length of vehicles at present green phase and vehicles queue lengths at the other phases. The controller controls the traffic light timings and phase difference to ascertain sebaceous flow of traffic with least waiting time and queue length. In this paper, the isolated intersection model used consists of two alleyways in each approach. Every outlook has different value of queue length and waiting time, systematically, at the intersection. The maximum value of waiting time and vehicle queue length has to be selected by using proximity sensors as inputs to controller for the ameliorate control traffic flow at the intersection. An intelligent traffic model and fuzzy logic traffic controller are developed to evaluate the performance of traffic controller under different pre-defined conditions for oleaginous flow of traffic. Additionally, this fuzzy logic traffic controller has emergency vehicle siren sensors which detect emergency vehicle movement like ambulance, fire brigade, Police Van etc. and gives maximum priority to him and pass preferred signal to it.


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