Design of an Autonomous Racecar: Perception, State Estimation and System Integration

by   Miguel de la Iglesia Valls, et al.
ETH Zurich

This paper introduces flüela driverless: the first autonomous racecar to win a Formula Student Driverless competition. In this competition, among other challenges, an autonomous racecar is tasked to complete 10 laps of a previously unknown racetrack as fast as possible and using only onboard sensing and computing. The key components of flüela's design are its modular redundant sub-systems that allow robust performance despite challenging perceptual conditions or partial system failures. The paper presents the integration of key components of our autonomous racecar, i.e., system design, EKF-based state estimation, LiDAR-based perception, and particle filter-based SLAM. We perform an extensive experimental evaluation on real-world data, demonstrating the system's effectiveness by outperforming the next-best ranking team by almost half the time required to finish a lap. The autonomous racecar reaches lateral and longitudinal accelerations comparable to those achieved by experienced human drivers.


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