Description and Technical specification of Cybernetic Transportation Systems: an urban transportation concept

by   Luis Roldao, et al.

The Cybernetic Transportation Systems (CTS) is an urban mobility concept based on two ideas: the car sharing and the automation of dedicated systems with door-to-door capabilities. In the last decade, many European projects have been developed in this context, where some of the most important are: Cybercars, Cybercars2, CyberMove, CyberC3 and CityMobil. Different companies have developed a first fleet of CTSs in collaboration with research centers around Europe, Asia and America. Considering these previous works, the FP7 project CityMobil2 is on progress since 2012. Its goal is to solve some of the limitations found so far, including the definition of the legal framework for autonomous vehicles on urban environment. This work describes the different improvements, adaptation and instrumentation of the CTS prototypes involved in European cities. Results show tests in our facilities at INRIA-Rocquencourt (France) and the first showcase at León (Spain)



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