Description and Discussion on DCASE2020 Challenge Task2: Unsupervised Anomalous Sound Detection for Machine Condition Monitoring

by   Yuma Koizumi, et al.

This paper presents the details of the DCASE 2020 Challenge Task 2; Unsupervised Detection of Anomalous Sounds for Machine Condition Monitoring. The goal of anomalous sound detection (ASD) is to identify whether the sound emitted from a target machine is normal or anomalous. The main challenge of this task is to detect unknown anomalous sounds under the condition that only normal sound samples have been provided as training data. We have designed a DCASE challenge task which contributes as a starting point and a benchmark of ASD research; the dataset, evaluation metrics, a simple baseline system, and other detailed rules. After the challenge submission deadline, challenge results and analysis of the submissions will be added.


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