Describing Colors, Textures and Shapes for Content Based Image Retrieval - A Survey

02/25/2015 ∙ by Jamil Ahmad, et al. ∙ 0

Visual media has always been the most enjoyed way of communication. From the advent of television to the modern day hand held computers, we have witnessed the exponential growth of images around us. Undoubtedly it's a fact that they carry a lot of information in them which needs be utilized in an effective manner. Hence intense need has been felt to efficiently index and store large image collections for effective and on- demand retrieval. For this purpose low-level features extracted from the image contents like color, texture and shape has been used. Content based image retrieval systems employing these features has proven very successful. Image retrieval has promising applications in numerous fields and hence has motivated researchers all over the world. New and improved ways to represent visual content are being developed each day. Tremendous amount of research has been carried out in the last decade. In this paper we will present a detailed overview of some of the powerful color, texture and shape descriptors for content based image retrieval. A comparative analysis will also be carried out for providing an insight into outstanding challenges in this field.



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