Deploying Crowdsourcing for Workflow Driven Business Process

by   Rafał Masłyk, et al.

The main goal of this paper is to discuss how to integrate the possibilities of crowdsourcing platforms with systems supporting workflow to enable the engagement and interaction with business tasks of a wider group of people. Thus, this work is an attempt to expand the functional capabilities of typical business systems by allowing selected process tasks to be performed by unlimited human resources. Opening business tasks to crowdsourcing, within established Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) will improve the flexibility of company processes and allow for lower work-load and greater specialization among the staff employed on-site. The presented conceptual work is based on the current international standards in this field, promoted by Workflows Management Coalition. To this end, the functioning of business platforms was analysed and their functionality was presented visually, followed by a proposal and a discussion of how to implement crowdsourcing into workflow systems.


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