Deployable, Data-Driven Unmanned Vehicle Navigation System in GPS-Denied, Feature-Deficient Environments

by   Sohum Misra, et al.

This paper presents a novel data-driven navigation system to navigate an Unmanned Vehicle (UV) in GPS-denied, feature-deficient environments such as tunnels, or mines. The method utilizes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, also referred to as landmarks, as range sensors that are carried by the vehicle and are deployed in the environment to enable localization as the vehicle traverses its pre-defined path through the tunnel. A key question that arises in such scenario is to estimate and reduce the number of landmarks required for localization before the start of the mission, given some information about the environment. The main constraint of the problem is to keep the maximum uncertainty in the position estimate near a desired value. In this article, we combine techniques from estimation, machine learning, and mixed-integer convex optimization to develop a systematic method to perform localization and navigate the UV through the environment while ensuring minimum number of landmarks are used and all the mission constraints are satisfied.



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