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Density Evolution Analysis of Partially Information Coupled Turbo Codes on the Erasure Channel

by   Min Qiu, et al.

In this paper, we investigate the performance of a class of spatially coupled codes, namely partially information coupled turbo codes (PIC-TCs) over the binary erasure channel (BEC). This class of codes enjoy flexible code rate adjustment by varying the coupling ratio. Moreover, the coupling method can be directly applied to any component codes without changing the encoding and decoding architectures of the underlying component codes. However, the theoretical performance of PIC-TCs has not been fully investigated. For this work, we consider the codes that have coupling memory m and study the corresponding graph model. We then derive the exact density evolution equations for these code ensembles with any given coupling ratio and coupling memory m to precisely compute their belief propagation decoding thresholds for the BEC. Our simulation results verify the correctness of our theoretical analysis and also show better error performance over uncoupled turbo codes with a variety of code rates on the BEC.


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