Dense Pixel-wise Micro-motion Estimation of Object Surface by using Low Dimensional Embedding of Laser Speckle Pattern

by   Ryusuke Sagawa, et al.

This paper proposes a method of estimating micro-motion of an object at each pixel that is too small to detect under a common setup of camera and illumination. The method introduces an active-lighting approach to make the motion visually detectable. The approach is based on speckle pattern, which is produced by the mutual interference of laser light on object's surface and continuously changes its appearance according to the out-of-plane motion of the surface. In addition, speckle pattern becomes uncorrelated with large motion. To compensate such micro- and large motion, the method estimates the motion parameters up to scale at each pixel by nonlinear embedding of the speckle pattern into low-dimensional space. The out-of-plane motion is calculated by making the motion parameters spatially consistent across the image. In the experiments, the proposed method is compared with other measuring devices to prove the effectiveness of the method.



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