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Dense FixMatch: a simple semi-supervised learning method for pixel-wise prediction tasks

by   Miquel Martí i Rabadán, et al.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

We propose Dense FixMatch, a simple method for online semi-supervised learning of dense and structured prediction tasks combining pseudo-labeling and consistency regularization via strong data augmentation. We enable the application of FixMatch in semi-supervised learning problems beyond image classification by adding a matching operation on the pseudo-labels. This allows us to still use the full strength of data augmentation pipelines, including geometric transformations. We evaluate it on semi-supervised semantic segmentation on Cityscapes and Pascal VOC with different percentages of labeled data and ablate design choices and hyper-parameters. Dense FixMatch significantly improves results compared to supervised learning using only labeled data, approaching its performance with 1/4 of the labeled samples.


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