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Denoising and Completion of 3D Data via Multidimensional Dictionary Learning

by   Zemin Zhang, et al.

In this paper a new dictionary learning algorithm for multidimensional data is proposed. Unlike most conventional dictionary learning methods which are derived for dealing with vectors or matrices, our algorithm, named KTSVD, learns a multidimensional dictionary directly via a novel algebraic approach for tensor factorization as proposed in [3, 12, 13]. Using this approach one can define a tensor-SVD and we propose to extend K-SVD algorithm used for 1-D data to a K-TSVD algorithm for handling 2-D and 3-D data. Our algorithm, based on the idea of sparse coding (using group-sparsity over multidimensional coefficient vectors), alternates between estimating a compact representation and dictionary learning. We analyze our KTSVD algorithm and demonstrate its result on video completion and multispectral image denoising.


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