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DEM Registration and Error Analysis using ASCII values

by   Suma Dawn, et al.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM), while providing a bare earth look, is heavily used in many applications including construction modeling, visualization, and GIS. Their registration techniques have not been explored much. Methods like Coarse-to-fine or pyramid making are common in DEM-to-image or DEM-to-map registration. Self-consistency measure is used to detect any change in terrain elevation and hence was used for DEM-to-DEM registration. But these methods apart from being time and complexity intensive, lack in error matrix evaluation. This paper gives a method of registration of DEMs using specified height values as control points by initially converting these DEMs to ASCII files. These control points may be found by two mannerisms - either by direct detection of appropriate height data in ASCII files or by edge matching along congruous quadrangle of the control point, followed by sub-graph matching. Error analysis for the same has also been done.


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