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Delay Aware Secure Offloading for NOMA-Assisted Mobile Edge Computing in Internet of Vehicles

by   Ling He, et al.
South China University of Technology International Student Union
Peking University

In this paper, a multi-vehicle multi-task nonorthogonal multiple access (NOMA) assisted mobile edge computing (MEC) system with passive eavesdropping vehicles is investigated. To heighten the performance of edge vehicles, we propose a vehicle grouping pairing method, which utilizes vehicles near the MEC as full-duplex relays to assist edge vehicles. For promoting transmission security, we employ artificial noise to interrupt eavesdropping vehicles. Furthermore, we derive the approximate expression of secrecy outage probability of the system. The combined optimization of vehicle task division, power allocation, and transmit beamforming is formulated to minimize the total delay of task completion of edge vehicles. Then, we design a power allocation and task scheduling algorithm based on genetic algorithm to solve the mixed-integer nonlinear programming problem. Numerical results demonstrate the superiority of our proposed scheme in terms of system security and transmission delay.


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