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DeepQuarantine for Suspicious Mail

by   Nikita Benkovich, et al.

In this paper, we introduce DeepQuarantine (DQ), a cloud technology to detect and quarantine potential spam messages. Spam attacks are becoming more diverse and can potentially be harmful to email users. Despite the high quality and performance of spam filtering systems, detection of a spam campaign can take some time. Unfortunately, in this case some unwanted messages get delivered to users. To solve this problem, we created DQ, which detects potential spam and keeps it in a special Quarantine folder for a while. The time gained allows us to double-check the messages to improve the reliability of the anti-spam solution. Due to high precision of the technology, most of the quarantined mail is spam, which allows clients to use email without delay. Our solution is based on applying Convolutional Neural Networks on MIME headers to extract deep features from large-scale historical data. We evaluated the proposed method on real-world data and showed that DQ enhances the quality of spam detection.


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