DeepMRSeg: A convolutional deep neural network for anatomy and abnormality segmentation on MR images

by   Jimit Doshi, et al.

Segmentation has been a major task in neuroimaging. A large number of automated methods have been developed for segmenting healthy and diseased brain tissues. In recent years, deep learning techniques have attracted a lot of attention as a result of their high accuracy in different segmentation problems. We present a new deep learning based segmentation method, DeepMRSeg, that can be applied in a generic way to a variety of segmentation tasks. The proposed architecture combines recent advances in the field of biomedical image segmentation and computer vision. We use a modified UNet architecture that takes advantage of multiple convolution filter sizes to achieve multi-scale feature extraction adaptive to the desired segmentation task. Importantly, our method operates on minimally processed raw MRI scan. We validated our method on a wide range of segmentation tasks, including white matter lesion segmentation, segmentation of deep brain structures and hippocampus segmentation. We provide code and pre-trained models to allow researchers apply our method on their own datasets.


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