Deep Unfolding for Fast Linear Massive MIMO Precoders under a PA Consumption Model

by   Thomas Feys, et al.

Massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) precoders are typically designed by minimizing the transmit power subject to a quality-of-service (QoS) constraint. However, current sustainability goals incentivize more energy-efficient solutions and thus it is of paramount importance to minimize the consumed power directly. Minimizing the consumed power of the power amplifier (PA), one of the most consuming components, gives rise to a convex, non-differentiable optimization problem, which has been solved in the past using conventional convex solvers. Additionally, this problem can be solved using a proximal gradient descent (PGD) algorithm, which suffers from slow convergence. In this work, to overcome the slow convergence, a deep unfolded version of the algorithm is proposed, which can achieve close-to-optimal solutions in only 20 iterations compared to the 3500 plus iterations needed by the PGD algorithm. Results indicate that the deep unfolding algorithm is three orders of magnitude faster than a conventional convex solver and four orders of magnitude faster than the PGD.


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