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Deep Temporal Sigmoid Belief Networks for Sequence Modeling

by   Zhe Gan, et al.

Deep dynamic generative models are developed to learn sequential dependencies in time-series data. The multi-layered model is designed by constructing a hierarchy of temporal sigmoid belief networks (TSBNs), defined as a sequential stack of sigmoid belief networks (SBNs). Each SBN has a contextual hidden state, inherited from the previous SBNs in the sequence, and is used to regulate its hidden bias. Scalable learning and inference algorithms are derived by introducing a recognition model that yields fast sampling from the variational posterior. This recognition model is trained jointly with the generative model, by maximizing its variational lower bound on the log-likelihood. Experimental results on bouncing balls, polyphonic music, motion capture, and text streams show that the proposed approach achieves state-of-the-art predictive performance, and has the capacity to synthesize various sequences.


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The Matlab Code and the Supplementary Material for the NIPS 2015 paper "Deep Temporal Sigmoid Belief Networks for Sequence Modeling"

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Neural Variational Inference and Learning for Sigmoid Belief Network

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