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Deep speech inpainting of time-frequency masks

by   Mikolaj Kegler, et al.

In particularly noisy environments, transient loud intrusions can completely overpower parts of the speech signal, leading to an inevitable loss of information. Recent algorithms for noise suppression often yield impressive results but tend to struggle when the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the mixture is low or when parts of the signal are missing. To address these issues, here we introduce an end-to-end framework for the retrieval of missing or severely distorted parts of time-frequency representation of speech, from the short-term context, thus speech inpainting. The framework is based on a convolutional U-Net trained via deep feature losses, obtained through speechVGG, a deep speech feature extractor pre-trained on the word classification task. Our evaluation results demonstrate that the proposed framework is effective at recovering large portions of missing or distorted parts of speech. Specifically, it yields notable improvements in STOI PESQ objective metrics, as assessed using the LibriSpeech dataset.


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