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Deep neural network predicts parameters of quantum many-body Hamiltonians by learning visualized wave-functions

by   Xinran Ma, et al.
Capital Normal University

In the past decades, methods to solve the ground state given a quantum many-body Hamiltonian have been well established. In this work, we consider an inverse problem and demonstrate that convolutional neural network (CNN) can predict the physical parameters of interacting Hamiltonians, such as coupling strengths and magnetic fields, providing the quantum many-body wave-functions as the ground states. We propose QubismNet that consists of two main parts: the Qubism map that visualizes the ground states (or the purified reduced density matrices) as images, and a CNN that maps the images to the target physical parameters. QubismNet exhibits impressive powers of learning and generalization on several quantum spin models. While the training samples are restricted to the states from certain ranges of the parameters, QubismNet can accurately predict the parameters of the states beyond such training regions. For instance, our results show that QubismNet can predict the magnetic fields near the critical point by learning from the states away from the critical vicinity. Our work provides a data-driven way to infer the Hamiltonians that give the designed ground states, and therefore would benefit the existing and future generations of quantum technologies such as Hamiltonian-based quantum simulations.


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