Deep neural network enabled corrective source term approach to hybrid analysis and modeling

by   Sindre Stenen Blakseth, et al.

Hybrid Analysis and Modeling (HAM) is an emerging modeling paradigm which aims to combine physics-based modeling (PBM) and data-driven modeling (DDM) to create generalizable, trustworthy, accurate, computationally efficient and self-evolving models. Here, we introduce, justify and demonstrate a novel approach to HAM – the Corrective Source Term Approach (CoSTA) – which augments the governing equation of a PBM model with a corrective source term generated by a deep neural network (DNN). In a series of numerical experiments on one-dimensional heat diffusion, CoSTA is generally found to outperform comparable DDM and PBM models in terms of accuracy – often reducing predictive errors by several orders of magnitude – while also generalizing better than pure DDM. Due to its flexible but solid theoretical foundation, CoSTA provides a modular framework for leveraging novel developments within both PBM and DDM, and due to the interpretability of the DNN-generated source term within the PBM paradigm, CoSTA can be a potential door-opener for data-driven techniques to enter high-stakes applications previously reserved for pure PBM.


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