Deep Multi-view Image Fusion for Soybean Yield Estimation in Breeding Applications Deep Multi-view Image Fusion for Soybean Yield Estimation in Breeding Applications

by   Luis G Riera, et al.

Reliable seed yield estimation is an indispensable step in plant breeding programs geared towards cultivar development in major row crops. The objective of this study is to develop a machine learning (ML) approach adept at soybean [Glycine max L. (Merr.)] pod counting to enable genotype seed yield rank prediction from in-field video data collected by a ground robot. To meet this goal, we developed a multi-view image-based yield estimation framework utilizing deep learning architectures. Plant images captured from different angles were fused to estimate the yield and subsequently to rank soybean genotypes for application in breeding decisions. We used data from controlled imaging environment in field, as well as from plant breeding test plots in field to demonstrate the efficacy of our framework via comparing performance with manual pod counting and yield estimation. Our results demonstrate the promise of ML models in making breeding decisions with significant reduction of time and human effort, and opening new breeding methods avenues to develop cultivars.


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