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Deep Metric Structured Learning For Facial Expression Recognition

by   Pedro D. Marrero Fernandez, et al.
California Institute of Technology

We propose a deep metric learning model to create embedded sub-spaces with a well defined structure. A new loss function that imposes Gaussian structures on the output space is introduced to create these sub-spaces thus shaping the distribution of the data. Having a mixture of Gaussians solution space is advantageous given its simplified and well established structure. It allows fast discovering of classes within classes and the identification of mean representatives at the centroids of individual classes. We also propose a new semi-supervised method to create sub-classes. We illustrate our methods on the facial expression recognition problem and validate results on the FER+, AffectNet, Extended Cohn-Kanade (CK+), BU-3DFE, and JAFFE datasets. We experimentally demonstrate that the learned embedding can be successfully used for various applications including expression retrieval and emotion recognition.


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