Deep Low-rank plus Sparse Network for Dynamic MR Imaging

by   Wenqi Huang, et al.

In dynamic MR imaging, L+S decomposition, or robust PCA equivalently, has achieved stunning performance. However, the selection of parameters of L+S is empirical, and the acceleration rate is limited, which are the common failings of iterative CS-MRI reconstruction methods. Many deep learning approaches were proposed to address these issues, but few of them used the low-rank prior. In this paper, a model-based low-rank plus sparse network, dubbed as L+S-Net, is proposed for dynamic MR reconstruction. In particular, we use an alternating linearized minimization method to solve the optimization problem with low-rank and sparse regularization. A learned soft singular value thresholding is introduced to make sure the clear separation of L component and S component. Then the iterative steps is unrolled into a network whose regularization parameters are learnable. Experiments on retrospective and prospective cardiac cine dataset show that the proposed model outperforms the state-of-the-art CS and existing deep learning methods.


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