Deep Learning Reconstruction for 9-View Dual Energy CT Baggage Scanner

by   Yoseob Han, et al.
KAIST 수리과학과

For homeland and transportation security applications, 2D X-ray explosive detection system (EDS) have been widely used, but they have limitations in recognizing 3D shape of the hidden objects. Among various types of 3D computed tomography (CT) systems to address this issue, this paper is interested in a stationary CT using fixed X-ray sources and detectors. However, due to the limited number of projection views, analytic reconstruction algorithms produce severe streaking artifacts. Inspired by recent success of deep learning approach for sparse view CT reconstruction, here we propose a novel image and sinogram domain deep learning architecture for 3D reconstruction from very sparse view measurement. The algorithm has been tested with the real data from a prototype 9-view dual energy stationary CT EDS carry-on baggage scanner developed by GEMSS Medical Systems, Korea, which confirms the superior reconstruction performance over the existing approaches.


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