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Deep Learning Framework for Multi-class Breast Cancer Histology Image Classification

by   Yeeleng S. Vang, et al.
University of California, Irvine

In this work, we present a deep learning framework for multi-class breast cancer image classification as our submission to the International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition (ICIAR) 2018 Grand Challenge on BreAst Cancer Histology images (BACH). As these histology images are too large to fit into GPU memory, we first propose using Inception V3 to perform patch level classification. The patch level predictions are then passed through an ensemble fusion framework involving majority voting, gradient boosting machine (GBM), and logistic regression to obtain the image level prediction. We improve the sensitivity of the Normal and Benign predicted classes by designing a Dual Path Network (DPN) to be used as a feature extractor where these extracted features are further sent to a second layer of ensemble prediction fusion using GBM, logistic regression, and support vector machine (SVM) to refine predictions. Experimental results demonstrate our framework shows a 12.5% improvement over the state-of-the-art model.


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