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Deep Learning Enabled Semantic Communications with Speech Recognition and Synthesis

by   Zhenzi Weng, et al.
China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited
Tsinghua University
Queen Mary University of London
Imperial College London

In this paper, we develop a deep learning based semantic communication system for speech transmission, named DeepSC-ST. We take the speech recognition and speech synthesis as the transmission tasks of the communication system, respectively. First, the speech recognition-related semantic features are extracted for transmission by a joint semantic-channel encoder and the text is recovered at the receiver based on the received semantic features, which significantly reduces the required amount of data transmission without performance degradation. Then, we perform speech synthesis at the receiver, which dedicates to re-generate the speech signals by feeding the recognized text transcription into a neural network based speech synthesis module. To enable the DeepSC-ST adaptive to dynamic channel environments, we identify a robust model to cope with different channel conditions. According to the simulation results, the proposed DeepSC-ST significantly outperforms conventional communication systems, especially in the low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) regime. A demonstration is further developed as a proof-of-concept of the DeepSC-ST.


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