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Deep Learning based Multi-User Power Allocation and Hybrid Precoding in Massive MIMO Systems

by   Asil Koc, et al.
McGill University

This paper proposes a deep learning based power allocation (DL-PA) and hybrid precoding technique for multiuser massive multiple-input multiple-output (MU-mMIMO) systems. We first utilize an angular-based hybrid precoding technique for reducing the number of RF chains and channel estimation overhead. Then, we develop the DL-PA algorithm via a fully-connected deep neural network (DNN). DL-PA has two phases: (i) offline supervised learning with the optimal allocated powers obtained by particle swarm optimization based PA (PSO-PA) algorithm, (ii) online power prediction by the trained DNN. In comparison to the computationally expensive PSO-PA, it is shown that DL-PA greatly reduces the runtime by 98.6 capacity. It makes DL-PA a promising algorithm for the real-time online applications in MU-mMIMO systems.


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