Deep Learning-based High-precision Depth Map Estimation from Missing Viewpoints for 360 Degree Digital Holography

03/09/2021 ∙ by Hakdong Kim, et al. ∙ 18

In this paper, we propose a novel, convolutional neural network model to extract highly precise depth maps from missing viewpoints, especially well applicable to generate holographic 3D contents. The depth map is an essential element for phase extraction which is required for synthesis of computer-generated hologram (CGH). The proposed model called the HDD Net uses MSE for the better performance of depth map estimation as loss function, and utilizes the bilinear interpolation in up sampling layer with the Relu as activation function. We design and prepare a total of 8,192 multi-view images, each resolution of 640 by 360 for the deep learning study. The proposed model estimates depth maps through extracting features, up sampling. For quantitative assessment, we compare the estimated depth maps with the ground truths by using the PSNR, ACC, and RMSE. We also compare the CGH patterns made from estimated depth maps with ones made from ground truths. Furthermore, we demonstrate the experimental results to test the quality of estimated depth maps through directly reconstructing holographic 3D image scenes from the CGHs.



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