Deep Learning Based 3D Point Cloud Regression for Estimating Forest Biomass

by   Stefan Oehmcke, et al.

Knowledge of forest biomass stocks and their development is important for implementing effective climate change mitigation measures. It is needed for studying the processes driving af-, re-, and deforestation and is a prerequisite for carbon-accounting. Remote sensing using airborne LiDAR can be used to measure vegetation biomass at large scale. We present deep learning systems for predicting wood volume, above-ground biomass (AGB), and subsequently carbon directly from 3D LiDAR point cloud data. We devise different neural network architectures for point cloud regression and evaluate them on remote sensing data of areas for which AGB estimates have been obtained from field measurements in a national forest inventory. Our adaptation of Minkowski convolutional neural networks for regression gave the best results. The deep neural networks produced significantly more accurate wood volume, AGB, and carbon estimates compared to state-of-the-art approaches operating on basic statistics of the point clouds, and we expect this finding to have a strong impact on LiDAR-based analyses of terrestrial ecosystem dynamics.



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