Deep Epitome for Unravelling Generalized Hamming Network: A Fuzzy Logic Interpretation of Deep Learning

11/15/2017 ∙ by Lixin Fan, et al. ∙ 0

This paper gives a rigorous analysis of trained Generalized Hamming Networks(GHN) proposed by Fan (2017) and discloses an interesting finding about GHNs, i.e., stacked convolution layers in a GHN is equivalent to a single yet wide convolution layer. The revealed equivalence, on the theoretical side, can be regarded as a constructive manifestation of the universal approximation theorem Cybenko(1989); Hornik (1991). In practice, it has profound and multi-fold implications. For network visualization, the constructed deep epitomes at each layer provide a visualization of network internal representation that does not rely on the input data. Moreover, deep epitomes allows the direct extraction of features in just one step, without resorting to regularized optimizations used in existing visualization tools.



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