Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Anomaly Event Classification on Distributed Systems

by   Jiechao Cheng, et al.

The increasing popularity of server usage has brought a plenty of anomaly log events, which have threatened a vast collection of machines. Recognizing and categorizing the anomalous events thereby is a much salient work for our systems, especially the ones generate the massive amount of data and harness it for technology value creation and business development. To assist in focusing on the classification and the prediction of anomaly events, and gaining critical insights from system event records, we propose a novel log preprocessing method which is very effective to filter abundant information and retain critical characteristics. Additionally, a competitive approach for automated classification of anomalous events detected from the distributed system logs with the state-of-the-art deep (Convolutional Neural Network) architectures is proposed in this paper. We measure a series of deep CNN algorithms with varied hyper-parameter combinations by using standard evaluation metrics, the results of our study reveals the advantages and potential capabilities of the proposed deep CNN models for anomaly event classification tasks on real-world systems. The optimal classification precision of our approach is 98.14 machine learning methods.



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