Deep Autotuner: A Data-Driven Approach to Natural-Sounding Pitch Correction for Singing Voice in Karaoke Performances

by   Sanna Wager, et al.

We describe a machine-learning approach to pitch correcting a solo singing performance in a karaoke setting, where the solo voice and accompaniment are on separate tracks. The proposed approach addresses the situation where no musical score of the vocals nor the accompaniment exists: It predicts the amount of correction from the relationship between the spectral contents of the vocal and accompaniment tracks. Hence, the pitch shift in cents suggested by the model can be used to make the voice sound in tune with the accompaniment. This approach differs from commercially used automatic pitch correction systems, where notes in the vocal tracks are shifted to be centered around notes in a user-defined score or mapped to the closest pitch among the twelve equal-tempered scale degrees. We train the model using a dataset of 4,702 amateur karaoke performances selected for good intonation. We present a Convolutional Gated Recurrent Unit (CGRU) model to accomplish this task. This method can be extended into unsupervised pitch correction of a vocal performance, popularly referred to as autotuning.


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