Deciding ω-Regular Properties on Linear Recurrence Sequences

10/27/2020 ∙ by Shaull Almagor, et al. ∙ 0

We consider the problem of deciding ω-regular properties on infinite traces produced by linear loops. Here we think of a given loop as producing a single infinite trace that encodes information about the signs of program variables at each time step. Formally, our main result is a procedure that inputs a prefix-independent ω-regular property and a sequence of numbers satisfying a linear recurrence, and determines whether the sign description of the sequence (obtained by replacing each positive entry with "+", each negative entry with "-", and each zero entry with "0") satisfies the given property. Our procedure requires that the recurrence be simple, , that the update matrix of the underlying loop be diagonalisable. This assumption is instrumental in proving our key technical lemma: namely that the sign description of a simple linear recurrence sequence is almost periodic in the sense of Muchnik, Semënov, and Ushakov. To complement this lemma, we give an example of a linear recurrence sequence whose sign description fails to be almost periodic. Generalising from sign descriptions, we also consider the verification of properties involving semi-algebraic predicates on program variables.



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