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Decentralized Inexact Proximal Gradient Method With Network-Independent Stepsizes for Convex Composite Optimization

by   Luyao Guo, et al.

This paper considers decentralized convex composite optimization over undirected and connected networks, where the local loss function contains both smooth and nonsmooth terms. For this problem, a novel CTA (Combine-Then-Adapt)-based decentralized algorithm is proposed under uncoordinated network-independent constant stepsizes. Particularly, the proposed algorithm only needs to approximately solve a sequence of proximal mappings, which benefits the decentralized composite optimization where the proximal mappings of the nonsmooth loss functions may not have analytic solutions. For the general convex case, we prove the O(1/k) convergence rate of the proposed algorithm, which can be improved to o(1/k) if the proximal mappings are solved exactly. Moreover, with metric subregularity, we establish the linear convergence rate. Finally, the numerical experiments demonstrate the efficiency of the algorithm.


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