Decentralized Cooperative Communication-less Multi-Agent Task Assignment with Monte-Carlo Tree Search

Cooperative task assignment is an important subject in multi-agent systems with a wide range of applications. These systems are usually designed with massive communication among the agents to minimize the error in pursuit of the general goal of the entire system. In this work, we propose a novel approach for Decentralized Cooperative Communication-less Multi-Agent Task Assignment (DCCMATA) employing Monte-Carlo Tree Search (MCTS). Here, each agent can assign the optimal task by itself for itself. We design the system to automatically maximize the success rate, achieving the collective goal effectively. To put it another way, the agents optimally compute each following step, only by knowing the current location of other agents, with no additional communication overhead. In contrast with the previously proposed methods which rely on the task assignment procedure for similar problems, we describe a method in which the agents move towards the collective goal. This may lead to scenarios where some agents not necessarily move towards the closest goal. However, the total efficiency (makespan) and effectiveness (success ratio) in these cases are significantly improved. To evaluate our approach, we have tested the algorithm with a wide range of parameters(agents, size, goal). Our implementation completely solves (Success Rate = in 7.9 s runtime for each agent. Also, the proposed algorithm runs with the complexity of O(N^2I^2 + IN^4), where the I and N are the MCTS iterative index and grid size, respectively.


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